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About Our Church

HTLC is one of the oldest Lutheran congregations in Ohio. Many of its founding members were born prior to the Revolutionary War, and the church's records are among the earliest in Stark County. To learn more, click here.

Church Service Ministry

THE ALTAR GUILD MINISTRY - The altar guild ministry is a group of members that help prepare the various elements of Holy Communion or Baptism. The various responsibilities should be carried out prayerfully and with reverence. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • filling the candles
  • dusting the altar and shelves
  • setting up and tearing down from communion and baptism
  • changing the paraments
  • checking the pews
  • preparing the altar flowers for shut-ins.
The members work in groups of three to four persons and are assigned a month about three times a year. Most preparations for baptism and communion take approximately one hour and occur on Saturday and Sunday mornings.