Prayer Requests

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About Our Church

HTLC is one of the oldest Lutheran congregations in Ohio. Many of its founding members were born prior to the Revolutionary War, and the church's records are among the earliest in Stark County. To learn more, click here.

Funeral Dinners

Funeral dinners are a ministry within Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. They are served by an all-volunteer group of members who prepare and serve the food for the family and friends of the bereaved. There are over fifty members who are "on call" to prepare food on short notice for the meal. Often times the family pays for the meat while the members prepare all of the side dishes. Over the years we have served meals for upwards of 200 people at a time. We have to make a guesstimate as to how many to prepare for based on the family's input. For those who make the preparations and serve the meal, the ministry is a labor of love.